Outdoor Learning Environment

Enhancing the learning experience for the students at MSPCS

MSPCS’ Outdoor Learning Environment (OLE)

An outdoor learning environment is as essential to a child’s development as their classroom or indoor learning environment. We are transforming our Preschool’s outdoor play space into an OLE (Outdoor Learning Environment). The OLE will enhance the learning experience for the students at MSPCS. Last year, the Miami Shores Community Alliance awarded MSPCS a $500 grant to begin the butterfly garden. Since then, we have put together a great team of volunteers who are exchanging their expertise and enthusiasm. Presently, we have 12 people on the OLE Committee and the members include MSPCS teachers, parents, butterfly/nature enthusiasts, and a Boy Scout!


PHASE I: Butterfly Garden on South Playground

On Saturday, November 19th, the OLE Committee, along with a few volunteers, planted a butterfly garden as part of an Eagle Scout Service Project. The garden has beautified the playground as well created a place for students to witness the wonders of a caterpillar’s metamorphosis into a butterfly. The butterfly garden will also draw in other insects, which will provide students an opportunity to observe the interactions in nature.


Proceeds from this year’s MSPCS Annual Pumpkin Patch have been earmarked to help fund the development of the OLE and the Parent Association is ready to chip in as well!

At MSPCS our mission is ‘To offer a Christ inspired educational experience that empowers students to reach their full potential in life, where academic excellence is nurtured and students are treasured and respected.’ Constructing an open-air educational space can serve as a focal point for the vigorous development of the whole child. We want to see everyone come together to make this OLE vision come to fruition.

PHASE II: Plant a Seed of Kindness Mural Project


PHASE III: Edible Garden Beds

``The playground was a dry and barren place, and Miami Shores Presbyterian Church Preschool Director Catherine Woods was determined to change that. She wanted her students to leave their classrooms and enter into a magical realm, where caterpillars turn into jewels that open to unleash nectar-sipping butterflies into the world. She knew that their experience in the natural world was at least as important as what they learned in the classroom. She applied for a butterfly garden grant and held her dream close to her heart. She won the grant and connected with Bound by Beauty.``

Mary Benton

Read what Mary Benton, Founder and President of Bound by Beauty, had to say about our butterfly garden here.

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