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Mrs. Sahar’s Art Class


We are engaged in serious play in art class. Children play and learn, trying things out to answer the question that leads to major discoveries: “What if…?”


It’s for this reason that the main emphasis in art class is developing students’ abilities to think independently, to brainstorm individually and collaboratively, and to take risks.  It’s so easy yet so hard to mess up sometimes!


Art materials slip, slide, smoosh, bend, twist, and drip. They are wild and resist being tamed. What better stuff to use for experimenting?

In art, we work like just as artists do, using these messy materials to show our thoughts and feelings.*


My job as the art teacher is to create an environment that allows students to get down to business while having fun. Students learn traditional art skills, design, and art history. In addition, students learn new approaches to art making and about contemporary artists in the field. As a practicing artist, I connect the classroom to the profession.


While every student last year in the elementary school kept a sketchbook just like an adult artist, this year the focus is on the development of regular journaling in our sketchbooks. Students are reflecting on memories both long-term and short-term as inspiration for pictures that sometimes include text. We will build steadily on creative writing skills that use our five senses as a springboard for description and jogging our memory.


*  For more information about Studio Habits of Mind:

Florida State and National Visual Arts Standards are the frameworks I use for art education.

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