Miss Smith's Fifth Grade

Moving Forward - Onward and Upward

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Mission Trip

The 5th grade will take an end-of-the-year mission trip working with DOOR. They will complete daily service activities, volunteering in the community and also taking group mini field trips to include fun and educational activities. The evening will be spent reflecting on the day and making connections with the overall religious aspect of the experience. Overnights will be spent at the local church. This trip offers a time for students and adults to make lasting connections and for the students to grow and give back.

Student Leaders - A Healthy Community

Student Leaders have the unique opportunity to gain experience in community involvement while working alongside Barry University, MCDS, MSPCS students and faculty. The program is geared towards fourth and fifth-grade students. This position carries responsibilities from both student and parent(s). Student Leaders are responsible for attending meetings, school events, and three community weekend events. Parents should make sure their children have reliable transportation to get to designated events. Also, parents need to be there to support their children in any events they have. A commitment to volunteer through May 2019, is expected. 

School Calendars

School Calendars

Night Under the Stars

Night Under the Stars

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