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OWENENTRANCEWelcome to 2016-17 School Year! We are off to a very busy start of the school year. For some, it is your first time as parents in a school. The adventure begins. MSPCS is unique and extraordinary. We will provide a top-notch “active participatory learning” environment for your child. I have had the opportunity to share HighScope’s philosophy with many of you. I will continue to do so, on our website and as the school year progresses. My job is to educate all of you on the value of an early education at MSPCS.


Preschool education is about more than colors, letters, shapes, and play dough. We want to teach each your child to be open to learning every moment of every day. We want your children to be students. We want to teach your children to be curious, questioning, active, and successful individuals.


Early childhood education is vital in helping children prepare for a continued education in our very fast paced world. We teach children to be explorers, discoverers, and risk takers; our goal is to help them become strong, powerful learners.  We are passionate about what we do. Here at MSPCS we provide an exceptional opportunity for children and families to learn and grow and prepare for future learning.


Director’s Blog Topics Coming soon: Outdoor Learning Environment (OLE), Kids’ Night Out, Let’s Play Saturdays, PowerSchool, HighScope, COR, and the Family Network.


My door is always open. I look forward to a long, wonderful partnership.


Catherine Woods
MSPCS Preschool Director

School Calendars

School Calendars

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