Sketchbooks with Mrs. Sahar

Drawing what you observe

Sketchbooks Project

In Art class with Mrs. Sahar, the first grade went to the outside classroom to work in their sketchbooks for the first time. They worked from direct observation, drawing anything they could see (as opposed to imagine). This included whatever was visible in plastic mirrors we brought out and the immediate surroundings, such as the outdoors as seen in the atrium.


Students saw how artists like Van Gogh and Gabrielle in 5th grade kept sketchbooks. Students practiced observing similar to the way scientists notice things. They stretched themselves and explored. We will reflect on our work in the next class and learn how artists use sketchbooks for research (including Da Vinci and contemporary artist Rachel Whitereads). All grades will be participating in this important process during the year.



Check out the photos: Poppy drew the character on her shirt; Victor drew his sneaker; Wesley saw Mayson in the mirror and drew him, while others did palm trees. We even took a break to run around!


Here is a snippet of Rachel Whitereads’ sketchbook:

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