Growing a Garden

Creating a magical place for preschoolers to learn.

Gardening and Kids, OLE Phase III

On Monday, November 6th we entered Phase III of our Outdoor Learning Environment (OLE). Our PK3 classes planted two edible gardens! When you get children gardening, you get them learning. There are many different ways that preschoolers can learn in the garden. Our teachers are ready to explore gross and fine motor activities with our little farmers, who will be enriched through sensory experiences in the garden. The MSPCS OLE is an ideal classroom for combining all ways of learning, connecting kids to nature and creating a magical place for preschoolers to learn and grow.


At MSPCS we recognize that our OLE is a magical place for our preschoolers to learn and grow. We are very thankful for the numerous grants and hours of volunteerism, which are helping to develop this space for our children. Speak with me, or your child’s teacher, about future volunteer opportunities.


If you are interested in starting your own edible garden contact:

Dylan Terry, Ready-to-Grow Gardens




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