Storks and Wren and Seagulls, Oh My!

Our littlest are growing...

Storks and Wren and Seagulls, Oh My!

This school year we shifted the layout of the building to make more space for our youngest Waves, the infants, and young toddlers. They are our Storks, Wren, and Seagulls; and they are growing! The infants and young toddlers have new spaces on the north end of the building, which are welcoming, cozy and ready to be explored.  Inviting these little ones into our family has proven to be a great decision. After all, what’s a family without babies?


Our Waves family continues to grow, and that is a compliment to our fantastic staff and parents. MSPCS has been serving this community for over 50 years and is proving to be the village in The Village.


The completion of Phase III of the Outdoor Learning Environment (OLE) occurred earlier this school year. The children now have two edible gardens on the north playground. They tend to the gardens regularly and enjoy tasting the healthy products of their hard work. If you haven’t had an opportunity to visit the OLE lately, please feel free to stop by and take a peak. There are many more exciting things to come to the OLE!


Various spaces in the building have begun serving double-duty as we seek to offer our children more opportunities for engaging hands-on experiences. Opportunities to learn are all around our little ones, and we encourage them to embrace it all. Indoor Learning Environments (ILE) married with the STEAM initiative (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art (creativity, not crafts), and Music) will stretch the length of our campus. Programs that we are slowly rolling out this year will be Full STEAM Ahead in the fall.


We appreciate that your family has chosen our loving environment for your child to safely explore the wonder of God’s World. Our top priority is shepherding each child’s heart through healthy play and positive social, cognitive, and physical activities. As we prepare for the 2018-2019 school year, please take time to read through the registration packet. All current families have until February 16, 2018, to reregister. I’m happy to take you on a tour and answer any questions.



Ms. Woods

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