Moving Forward – Onward and Upward

Wonderful MSPCS Parents and Families,


I am so excited about this new school year. Our routine is underway, and we are eager to share our theme for the year with you: Moving Forward – Onward and Upward!


Our theme will center around the premise of the movie ‘Pay It Forward’- the philosophy that through acts of kindness, we all foster a more caring society. Our three areas of focus are home, school, and community. Each month, we will concentrate on a different way in which we can pay it forward. In addition, our sharing in Town Hall (which starts in September) will center around how students have exemplified the theme of the month within the three areas of focus.


We would LOVE for families to be involved as well. Please talk with your child about the theme and topic of the month. Together, you can brainstorm ways in which your family can implement these concepts into your daily lives. The topic for September is Friendship. You could start by simply asking your child what it means to be a friend. Share what friendship means to you, and ways in which you practice being a good friend. We encourage families to email the classroom teachers and share how your child has demonstrated the monthly theme. The acts do not have to cover all three focus areas. Exemplars will be highlighted during Town Hall.


In addition, the underlying focus in the classroom will center on these themes. Teachers will incorporate the themes as a focus in their daily instruction. Establishing the themes as part of our daily learning will further demonstrate the value and importance of giving back to others in a meaningful way. Through these acts of kindness not only can we serve and help others, but we embolden kindness in ourselves. Likewise, teachers may also share examples of how parents and coworkers have demonstrated kindness. These will also be shared during our Town Hall.

Here are the topics for each month:


September:  Friendship

October:  Health

November:  Nourishment

December:  Generosity

January:  Unity/Action

February:  Empathy

March:  Sacrifice

April: Conservation

May:  Review and Reflection


Please join us this year in Moving Forward – Onward and Upward!


Anita Stevens
Head of School

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