Student Book Review

Earthquake Terror

Book Review: Earthquake Terror

Reviewed by Gabriella Perez, Fifth Grade

Do you like action and adventure? If yes, then you will love Earthquake Terror by Peg Kehet. You should read Earthquake Terror because it is set on an island, and the Palmers are going camping. Sometimes Jonathan, the main character, has to think fast and try to survive when it’s very hard to! Jonathan’s little sister Abby, who is paralyzed on her legs and can’t walk without her walker, has a hard time trying to help him and is only 6 years old. Separated from their parents, they try to survive after an earthquake hit. Their dog tries to help, but it’s very very hard for him too. Will they make it out alive?


This book is extremely exciting to read because there is a lot of adventure and questions for the reader to answer. The questions get answered throughout the book. I think the author’s message is that nature is more powerful than man. I think so because nature brought a lot of hard challenges for the characters, and they have to face all of them!


I think kids 8 to 12 will like this book if they like adventure. I really enjoyed this book and I think you will too, I also give this book 4 out of 5 stars.

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