Our Bible classes allow students to explore and gain understanding of the core values of our school and church. The core values of dignity, confidence, forgiveness, peace, and fulfillment are examined through important Biblical stories and lessons, in conversation, and in prayer. Students are equipped to think, talk and act in a manner that reflects our core values. Our Miami Shores Presbyterian Church Pastors, Rev. Andrews and Rev. Robles, bring their gifts and skills to each class they teach. Each student is given their own bible.


We delve into the major stories of the Bible throughout the year. In the first half of the year, we look at major Bible stories and characters of the Old Testament such as: Abraham, Sarah, Rebekah, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Naomi and Ruth, David and Goliath, and Solomon. We spend the second half of the year in the New Testament, focusing on the life of Jesus and the early Christian Church. Time is also given to learning and practicing prayer and other spiritual disciplines.

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