Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To offer a Christ inspired educational experience where academic excellence is nurtured and students are treasured and respected.

Vision Statement

We believe that all children are unique in the eyes of God. Therefore, our vision is to promote Spiritual knowledge, develop emotional knowledge and cultivate life readiness.

Promote Spiritual Knowledge by

appreciating the diversity of God’s creation,

embracing the beauty in the world,

participating in Christ-inspired experiences

Develop Emotional Knowledge by

realizing we are part of a greater whole,

demonstrating respectful attitudes and behaviors,

understanding we gain strength and stamina by the grace of the Spirit

Cultivate Life Readiness by

seeing the importance of education,

experiencing continual learning and self-reflection,

gaining knowledge and skills for success

School Calendars

School Calendars

Our School Blog

The Meaningful Reader

Contact us for a school tour:

Preschool 305-751-5417

(6 weeks – PK4)


Elementary 305-759-2548

(Kindergarten -5th grade)


email at: schools@mspcs.net