Our holistic approach to education focuses on each child’s cognitive, linguistic, social, emotional, physical, creative, and spiritual development. We firmly believe in the power of this methodology to effectively unleash every child’s potential and position them for future greatness.

Welcome to this exciting school year! There are many great things in store for this year. At MSPCS, we foster the whole child and our amazing teachers strive to teach the whole child in a variety of ways. Our families are fully present and actively engaged in every child’s educational experience. Together, we provide a supportive environment for students of diverse backgrounds to bring their ideas, feelings, and capabilities into the classroom. Encouraging a space for expression ultimately prepares them for a lifetime of learning, growing, and contributing to the lives of others.

Thank you for exploring MSPCS to see if we are a good fit for your family. We’re very proud of what we are accomplishing and passionate about our future. My door is always open; please drop in soon for a visit.

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Miami Shores Presbyterian Church School



Assimilates our youngest students in a socially and cognitively age-appropriate environment. The curriculum includes reading, writing, phonics, math, social studies, science, and social skills that will continue throughout their MSPCS educational journey.

Students continue phonological awareness, recognizing and writing the alphabet, identifying words in sentences, developing an understanding of the relationship between letters and the sounds they represent, and are introduced to using proper grammar and story building. Students learn to spell and read sight words, and their name, identifying and using upper-case and lower-case letters. In addition, children listen to and discuss stories read aloud to them to develop their comprehension and vocabulary.

During the school year, students will learn addition as putting together and adding to and understand subtraction as taking apart and taking from.

Within our curriculum, our class does special projects and activities including art, cooking, and poetry. MSPCS students develop into global citizens, starting by learning about their community, community events, social justice, and world culture. Their learning culminates with Multi-Cultural Day, a day when students celebrate and share their heritage with each other. Kindergarteners learn about plants hands-on, by working and exploring in the school garden. Growing vegetables and flowers, observing the daily weather, sunlight, and rain.

We understand that children thrive in a nurturing environment that encourages curiosity, questioning, exploration, and innovation.

First Grade

First Grade

Is a year of great growth and development! Students are becoming inquisitive readers, organized writers, skillful mathematicians, exploratory scientists, budding environmentalists, and kind friends. The positive, nurturing environment allows them to safely learn responsibility, explore new experiences, and thrive.

During first grade, students continue to build their addition and subtraction concepts, moving up to 2-digit problems. Children develop their comprehension and vocabulary skills both through group reading and by reading themselves. Spelling words become more challenging with the introduction of long and short vowels, initial blends, and compound words. They learn story structure, elements of poetry, fiction, and biographies so by the end of the year, they will start writing their own stories.

Young, global citizens are emerging! Lessons begin by identifying locations and places in Florida on a map. They learn about the weather and how the physical environment affects the way people live in our community. First graders continue to identify and celebrate all national holidays, embracing our different cultures, and religions. Their learning culminates with Multi-Cultural Day, a day when students celebrate and share their heritage with each other. All responsible citizens understand the importance of money, so the year concludes with an economics lesson on the importance of saving money for future purchases.

Last year, our first-grade class adopted a cow, Showtime, through Discovery Dairy (an engaging, interactive, cross-curricular educational series). Students were able to interact with Farmer Lindsey and Showtime, who enjoys spending time with her friends, Lola, Cupcake, and Tik Toc. Each week, students take turns bringing the stuffed animal, Showtime, home writing about their adventures, and sharing it with the class. This hands-on activity reinforced lessons learned about animals, the environment, writing, grammar, storytelling, and sharing.

Second Grade

Second Grade

During second grade, students continue to develop their reading, vocabulary, grammar skills, word identification skills and read increasingly difficult texts with greater ease and fluency. They are exploring the world around them, connecting visuals with text, context clues, and organizing thoughts into sentences.

Students are exploring the world around them, learning how to make a positive impact in their community, becoming super citizens. This is a year of exploration and growth, setting students up for success as academics become more challenging. The curriculum provides repeated exposure to mathematical concepts and skills to increase mastery. Students learn to solve word problems with money and are exposed to geometry and fraction concepts by portioning shapes. They continue hands-on learning of plants, by cultivating the school garden and end 2nd grade by being introduced to earth and space science. Personalized teaching in a small, interactive classroom provides a loving and safe environment where students thrive.

Third Grade

Third Grade

The MSPCS 3rd grade curriculum is rooted in evolving teaching practices, which provide a rigorous and thorough education while stimulating the creative mind.

This year, multiplication and division facts and strategies are mastered. Students solve word problems using money values and information from a bar graph.

Identifying basic story elements, gathering facts, and describing how an author uses details to support an idea increases reading comprehension and storytelling. Students begin to understand the structure of our US Government and continue learning about the different cultural groups in their community and classroom. Their learning culminates with Multi-Cultural Day, a day when students celebrate and share their heritage with each other.

During 3rd grade, students’ logical and critical thinking skills are becoming sharper. They learn the ability to give and receive both constructive criticism and positive feedback. Small classrooms allow for personalized instruction, challenging students to learn and excel.

Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade

In 4th grade, MSPCS empowers students to be positive leaders, develop self-confidence, and become contributing members of our community and beyond.

Reading becomes more challenging as students explore realistic fiction, historical fiction, fantasy, science fiction, biography, and autobiography novels. Students learn how to compose paragraphs and stories including the importance of prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing. In a digital world, where children are spending more time on tablets. MSPCS students learn how to use a dictionary and write homework assignments in an agenda. The core curriculum is supplemented with Spanish, art, PE, music, field trips, and chapel. All students participate in the year-end multi-cultural day and art gallery, a chance to proudly show off their hard work. Small classes and personalized learning set all MSPCS students up for success in 5th grade, middle school, and beyond!

Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade
FIfth grade is a major transition year for our students at MSPCS. In staying authentic to our mission and vision statement, students embark on an educational journey involving more complex mathematical problem-solving, conducting research, preparing essays, and building a strong foundation in science and social studies concepts essential for upper-level success. Students begin to explore and discuss current events and understand their position in the world they will help create. Having the ability to read and write across genres is essential for this grade level. In addition, students at MSPCS have the opportunity to enjoy field trips that help solidify the curriculum including, The John F. Kennedy Space Center, Miami Zoo, Frost Museum, Oleta State Park, and more. Students culminate their fifth-grade year at MSPCS with an amazing graduation ceremony, speech, and luncheon.
An emphasis is also placed on Social Emotional Learning skills that include social awareness, responsible decision-making, self-management, self-awareness, and relationship building that foster preparing students for upper level success. Study habits, organization, student conduct, and academic expectations are included in this development to help students succeed. 

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