Integrated Academic Programs (Specials)


Ms. Edouard’s Art Class

Art classes are in session here at MSPCS! Our little artists will be learning about famous artists throughout history, which will be followed by projects inspired by these amazing people. We will encourage the students to make them their very own works of art. They will be taught many different mediums by their most amazing Art Teacher!


We will be learning about lines, textures, movement, color theory, sculpting and so much more. Through the act of play, the students will learn how to collaborate, brainstorm and problem solve to achieve their goals. I recognize the value of providing a fun and creative learning environment that will hopefully leave our students with good memories. My hope is that this will have them develop an appreciation and maybe even passion for the arts.

Bible Studies

MSPCS Chapel

MSPCS Chapel is an opportunity for our Elementary students to come together and learn more about our God and each other. Through Bible stories, books, music, prayer, and worship, our time together allows the students to hear and connect the Bible to their everyday lives in an interactive and engaging way. Our Chapel time also incorporates important social/emotional learning. Mixed-small groups are also an essential part of our time together. This is a unique opportunity for our students to interact with students from other grades. Students are equipped to think, talk and act in a manner that reflects our loving God, and our loving community. Chapel is led by our Head of School, Anita Stevens, and our Miami Shores Presbyterian Church Pastor, Rev. Robles.


Music at MSPCS

Music at MSPCS gives every Child the opportunity to explore their talents through
singing, dancing, and playing instruments. We learn about different cultures, sing in
different languages, learn to read music, and discover how music connects us to our
surrounding community. We also collaborate with classroom teachers to help with
learning in other areas. Music is an important part of life at MSPCS and just another
way we help students put their best foot forward!


Physical Education
Physical Education allows the opportunity for all students to discover and learn many different ways to be physically active. Preschool dives into many different topics such as spatial awareness and different types of locomotor movements. Kindergarten through 2nd grade continue practicing locomotor movements and start learning different opportunities to develop the necessary skills to successfully work together as a team. Third through 5th grade continues to learn teamwork and focuses specifically on good sportsmanship and how to conduct one’s self and one’s emotions in friendly class games and competitions.
We are so fortunate to have all of our specialists work together to provide a great PE program – allowing for lots of variety.


kids embark on an enriching linguistic journey that transcends traditional language education. Designed to be both educational and fun, our classes seamlessly integrate language acquisition with interactive activities, games, and cultural experiences. Through dynamic lessons and age-appropriate materials, children not only acquire fundamental Spanish language skills but also gain a genuine appreciation for Hispanic cultures. Our passionate instructors create a supportive environment that encourages curiosity and active participation, fostering a love for language learning from an early age. Join us in cultivating global citizens with a strong foundation in Spanish and a broadened cultural perspective.

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