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At MSPCS I’ve learned my academics, about other people, and myself. For example, I learned adding and subtracting, how to write a letter to someone, and my multiplication facts during these timed tests that drove everyone crazy. Thanks to COVID, I learned how to use Google Meets and a computer, because before that, I barely knew the basics of how to type, and I’ve also learned a lot about multiplication with decimals mixed in with several life lessons several life lessons, such as how humans have the responsibility of cleaning our planet. One thing that I learned at MSPCS and will never forget is that one person can make a difference

-Adrian, MSPCS Student

I have been taught so much at MSPCS, from respect and friendship, to math and history. There is one lesson I learned that is more important than the rest: I learned how to think. I was taught the why in math, not just the how. I was taught the depth of book not just the words

-Gabriel, MSPCS Student

Hello, my name is Charlotte. I am eight years old, and I am going to be a Third Grader at Miami Shores Presbyterian Church School.

I like going to MSPCS for school because the teachers are very nice. and when you do something wrong, they help you learn. I like that we do not only sit in the classroom, but we can go on adventures. I like all my classes and special classes like music and art. Although some people think the teachers are strict, they are really trying to help us. The teachers never give up on the students. I like that my school is also part of my church.

-MSPCS Student

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What parents
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The teachers and administrators are the highlights at MSPCS. They always greet you with a smile and an exemplary attitude. The way they acknowledge the students is tremendous; it creates such a wonderful environment.

-MSPCS Parent

I just overheard our son, on the playground, telling another mother that he loves his school, which is in a church, and that he does not want to go to any other school. That made me so happy to hear! I am thankful for all the support, help, and guidance everyone has given him.

-MSPCS Parent

I wanted to take a moment to say that my husband and I are so happy with every staff person and teacher at MSPCS. We appreciate everyone's hard work and special qualities that contribute to our children thriving. From the tennis pictures, helping out when needed, to the carefully selected homework, his pictures, and learning from Ms. Irma, all of the Fall Activities, and all of the emails and updates we receive, we really appreciate it! Thank you for making MSPCS a special place of learning and fun for our kids.

-MSPCS Parent

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